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BaPack - Glass roll-ons from 3 ml to 20 ml - 01/2014


BaPack - Glass dispensers from 15 ml to 50 ml - 06/2013

BaPack - Airless dispensers from 15 ml to 100 ml - 05/2013

BaPack - Glass droppers from 3 ml to 50 ml - 04/2013


Vacuum metalizing is a process that produces a shiny, metallic finish on containers or caps. The most common metal used in vacuum metallization is aluminum that combining...
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Stampa a caldo

Hot stamping is the technique of applying mirror quality metallic decoration on bottles, jars and closures. Colored foils (usually gold or silver) are applied to the surface...
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Screen printing is the most common method for decoration any part of packages with a variety of decorating effects. A screen is made from digital image, using a photographic...
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